Promotion & Deal Changes

Update and execute promotions with a user-friendly interface. View all deals, discounts and tactics within trade agreements. Easily modify values, date ranges and prices.

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What it does

Flintfox provides a simple and efficient method for delivering price promotions and deals at scale. Our user-friendly interface within trade agreements clearly displays all deals, discounts and tactics.

Details from previous agreements are easily carried over to new promotions, allowing for quick adjustments to the value of promotions or discounts. You can extend or change date ranges, and seamlessly set the price details for each new promotional period.

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What it solves

This system eliminates the reliance on spreadsheets and significantly reduces administrative costs. By centralising and simplifying the management of price promotions and deals, Flintfox streamlines the entire process.

Our system is both more efficient and less likely to experience errors.

The outcome

The outcome

Our platform offers an easy and effective way to update and execute price promotions, no matter how large the deal.

You can also enhance the capability to manage pricing strategies dynamically and responsively. This ensures that businesses can adapt quickly to market changes and opportunities, without compromising on operational efficiency or financial accuracy.

Seamless integration with your ERP

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Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximise revenue.

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