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Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximize revenue.

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Goodbye spreadsheets,
hello intelligent pricing.

The next generation of intelligent pricing is here, giving you the power to unlock game-changing marginal gains across every aspect of your supply chain.

So what’s it to be? Continue to work hard for your pricing? Or make your pricing work hard for you?

Free up your cash flow

Send and receive rebates in lightning speed with pinpoint accuracy, without even lifting a finger.

  • Lighten the load – automate your payments, claims and deductions and free up your workforce.
  • 100% reportable and auditable – see how every price was calculated in a click.
  • Bulletproof accuracy – make manual errors, lost revenue and hours of admin evaporate into thin air.

Generate 5,000 prices per second

Deliver 1,000s of complex, channel-specific calculations at hyper speed.

  • No delays – generate 1,000s of accurate prices in an instant.
  • No constraints – all channels, all currencies, all locations.
  • No admin, no code – effortlessly set the price rules then let Flintfox work its magic.

The right price every time

Infinite possibilities, effortless execution – implementing highly-sophisticated pricing strategies has never been easier.

  • Maximum revenue, minimal effort – deliver intricate, highly-targeted pricing strategies per customer, per channel and per product.
  • Act fast – instantly react to your demand signals and capitalise on every opportunity.
  • Profit and grow – uncover endless opportunities for incremental gains.

Gain real-time margin visibility

Monitor your margins at any given moment and enjoy complete end-to-end traceability.

  • Reveal hidden costs and money leakages at every price level.
  • Track your performance in real-time.
  • See exactly how much you’re making on any product at any time.

Your business-ready pricing engine

Suited to the most complex settings. Configurable to your exact needs. Compatible with all industries.

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