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Handle complexity and protect margins

Life sciences organisations face complex pricing and rebates. Fluctuating costs, changes in compliance and regulations, increasing channels to customers and unpredictable market demand are all important factors.

Flintfox's experienced team has created pricing solutions across the life sciences industry.

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Build a powerful, centralised system for pricing & rebates

Flintfox enables you to bring all your data into a single source of truth to automate administrative processes. This allows you to build solid pricing and rebate foundations to run day-to-day operations.

  • Create a single source of truth for all direct and indirect pricing

    Manage complex pricing for both distributors and end-customers (both direct and indirect). You can easily monitor GPO and other partner contracts, as well as admin fees and rebates.

  • Accurately manage end-user pricing and sales trace data

    Our solution makes paying partners easy, even if they belong to external sales organisations.

Manage pricing tasks with speed and accuracy

Manage pricing tasks with speed and accuracy

Flintfox’s applications help the day-to-day management of pricing, accruals, rebates, claims and deductions.

  • Manage changing group memberships and cross references

    Deliver pricing and contract management processes by using membership inclusions/exclusions. You can also attribute grouping structures with a component library, which is capable of managing any calculation method.

  • Sales trace and chargebacks

    Automate sales trace data import and validation efforts. This eliminates leakage for over or invalid chargeback claims.

  • Execute flexible price and promotion strategies in real-time

    Calculate price waterfalls for direct customers or channels with unlimited attributes. Deliver prices instantly to any requesting device or application.

Complete visibility for accurate reporting

Complete visibility for accurate reporting

Flintfox calculates and stores all pricing and rebating elements at the lowest underlying transaction level for true customer margin, supplier cost visibility and financial recognition.

  • Granular profitability reporting

    Empower sales professionals to make informed decisions with clear oversight of profitability. View sales values, quantities and margins down to the end customer level.

  • Get instant visibility of the cost of rebates, admin fees and indirect pricing

    Develop competitive pricing decisions quickly, with real-time visibility of costs.

  • Get price lists at lightning speed

    Instantly deliver price lists, catalogs and extracts to distributors, customers and dealers.

Our Customers

Hear from our customers, where Flintfox transformed their pricing processes

‘We have better visibility of sales margins and greater accuracy invoicing that is saving the business time and improving our cashflow.’

Tim Moore COO, ANB Canada
ANB Canada

‘With Flintfox for AX we have a solution that will not only manage our rebates and promotions effectively but will allow us to roll out a standard solution across all our companies around the world.’

Managing Director

‘Flintfox and Microsoft helped us strategize how to better manage advanced pricing, promotion management, and complex supply chain pricing, as well as provide a roadmap for the future.’

Joshua Motsuenyane Chief Information Officer, Coca Cola Beverages Africa

‘None of the platforms that we looked at were suggested for the volume of prices we were projecting. We wanted to be able to generate millions of prices per day.’

Anna Kupchenko Director of IT Business Applications for Finance, SiteOne
SiteOne and Flintfox

‘The Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform meets our needs, with a unique and tailored service that matches the size and complexity of our business.’

Akash Khurana Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer
wesco 3 people

Flintfox saves you time and money

Say goodbye to complicated, unreliable manual processes. Instead, enjoy streamlined, accurate pricing that boosts your revenue and margins.


increase in rebate revenue cash flow


reduction in deduction leakage


increase in margin

*results may vary

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Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximise revenue.

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