Flintfox appointed by Wesco to centralise pricing processes

23 April 2024 – Flintfox, the intelligent pricing specialist, has signed a five-year contract to provide centralised pricing and other services to Wesco International, a leading provider of business-to-business distribution, logistics services and supply chain solutions. Through the partnership, Flintfox will support Wesco’s growth by streamlining pricing and supporting the business’ digital transformation program.

Our digital transformation is all about implementing best-of-breed systems to achieve speed, flexibility, and scale so that it’s easy to do business with us. The Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform meets our needs, with a unique and tailored service that matches the size and complexity of our business.

Akash Khurana, Executive Vice President, Chief Information & Digital Officer at Wesco

Within the last decade, Wesco has rapidly scaled its business through multiple mergers and acquisitions. Following a successful proof of concept, Flintfox will provide pricing from a single, centralised platform featuring over 21 billion pricing values.

Providing real-time pricing across both buy-side and sell-side, the Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform will unify Wesco’s pricing data and systems and help the business to improve the efficiency of its pricing processes.

We are excited to be working with Wesco. As a global organisation, Wesco’s pricing system is complex by nature, tasked with balancing buy-side and sell-side, discounts, and SPAs. Our platform will help Wesco to tackle the challenges associated with managing multiple legacy systems while delivering full visibility and pinpoint accuracy. We know digitalisation is a key priority for Wesco and our offering is perfectly positioned to transform the business’ pricing processes and improving efficiency.

John Moss, Chief Executive Officer at Flintfox

About Flintfox International

Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform automates rebates and executes large-scale price changes at hyper-speed, untangling complexity and unlocking incremental value. Trusted by 225,000 users worldwide, Flintfox helps businesses by giving total profit visibility and pricing control across every channel, region, category and product.