omnichannel pricing

Nail your channel strategy

Bring together siloed data into one, centralised platform.

Right price. Right customer. Right channel.

Beat the competition

React quickly to market signals, competitor activity and new opportunities. With a full view of your channels, you can pivot your pricing strategy and update prices in real time to seal those deals.

Spend time where it matters

Managing separate systems and updating prices manually is a waste of your time. By automating the process, you can spend time where it matters: building a first-class pricing strategy.

Build targeted pricing strategies

Vary your pricing depending on device, application, market, or product. (Or all four at once). Our intelligent pricing platform is exactly as flexible as you need it to be.

Product Features

Our pricing engine, at a glance

One source

Bring together data from multiple platforms into one place, giving you a single source of truth.

Integrates with your ERP

Works with any Windows cloud computing technology, from Azure and AWS to Oracle Cloud.

Cheap to run

It stores pricing data within the software, meaning you don’t spend thousands on external cloud storage.

As flexible as you are

Our pricing solution can handle different pricing models, starting points, and different variables at once. (Most can’t…)

Easy to use

A simple API means pricing engine integration is easy. No coding or tech know-how needed - it just works.

Any device

Access on-site pricing wherever your customers are. Salespeople just need their tablet, laptop or mobile.

With Flintfox we now have an integrated solution to manage our complex pricing scenarios and rebates. Invoice disputes due to pricing errors have dropped by 90% within one week of going live.

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello simplicity

Boost your business with a truly powerful pricing engine