Opici Family Distributing

About Opici

Opici Wines, Opici Family Distributing, and The Opici Group L.L.C. form the Opici Companies, a U.S.-based importer, producer, and distributor of fine wines and spirits. Established in New Jersey in 1934, Opici is now based in Washington, DC.

As a leading wine business, their portfolio includes more than 300 vendors from countries such as Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, Spain, and South Africa.

Opici Family Distributing uses multiple systems with extensive in-house customisations to manage their nationwide orders.

Why They Chose Flintfox

Flintfox has decades of industry-specific experience and successful references. This expertise was a primary reason Opici Family Distributing selected Flintfox for D365. The solution aligns directly with their business processes and needs.

Flintfox stands out as the only solution embedded within Microsoft D365 F&O, surpassing the competition.

Flintfox offers a modern, efficient trade revenue management solution that eliminates manual pricing, saves administration time, and reduces the risk of errors.

The Challenge

Opici Family Distributing relies on a mix of systems with extensive in-house customisations and manual workarounds to manage their pricing, vendor incentives, and rebates and chargebacks. These systems were only partially automated, requiring daily spreadsheet maintenance to ensure accurate pricing.

Managing several systems across multiple companies, as well as reporting databases and various go-to-market strategies for different states, limited their scalability and required significant effort.

Long-term, continuing with this approach would have hampered their ability to compete effectively, potentially resulting in lost sales revenue and reduced margins.

The Solution

Opici Family Distributing needed a solution offering all core features for promotional pricing and vendor chargebacks out of the box without customisation. With Flintfox, Opici Family Distributing will benefit from:

  • An embedded pricing and rebate management solution within D365 F&O, extending to the necessary functionality.
  • A centralised source of pricing and rebate management for any sales channel on a mass scale.
  • Elimination of daily spreadsheet maintenance for accurate pricing.

Opici Family Distributing will standardize on one solution across multiple markets and states, with state-specific variances managed through simple configuration setups for each company, requiring minimal modifications to the base and no customisations limiting future updates.

Central management of a single solution set across companies enables Opici Family Distributing to grow through acquisitions and mergers, as well as organic market share expansion. Immediate ROI benefits for Opici Family Distributing include:

  • Reduced margin leakage due to more effective and accurate rebate claims.
  • Accurate pricing and reduced margin loss by pricing across a brand instead of product-by-product.
  • Fewer pricing errors and reduced pricing administration.
  • Timely and accurate vendor support claims.
  • Faster processes, reducing outstanding settlements and improving accounts receivable.

‘Thanks to Flintfox’s solution our users will be able to see the impact on gross margins of each price plan including the impact of quantity discounts and deals, vendor support, and RIPS per product and customer, prior to executing in the field.’

‘We have better visibility of sales margins and greater accuracy invoicing that is saving the business time and improving our cashflow.’

Tim Moore COO, ANB Canada
ANB Canada

‘Flintfox opens up a world of trade promotion opportunities for us. We’ve been looking for a solution for the past four years to manage our pricing and Flintfox is the only one we have found that addresses our pricing challenges." ’

Micheal van Druten Chief Financial Officer, EuroVintage

‘Thanks to Flintfox’s solution our users will be able to see the impact on gross margins of each price plan including the impact of quantity discounts and deals; vendor support; and RIPS per product and customer; prior to executing in the field.’

Managing Director Opici Family Distributing
Opici Family Distributing

‘The Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform meets our needs, with a unique and tailored service that matches the size and complexity of our business.’

Akash Khurana Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer
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The Flintfox team includes industry-leaders with expert knowledge, who developed their craft over thousands of projects. We make complex pricing and rebates simple, for clients in many industries across the globe.

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