Flintfox for finance teams

Accurate, automated and accountable

Have complete visibility of where you stand financially and why – and keep the cash flowing.

Rebate management
Automate payments and claims for speed and accuracy

Never overpay or miss out on revenue.

Complete end-to-end visibility in real-time

Know exactly where you stand, at any given moment.

100% auditable and reportable

See the waterfall detail of how every price was calculated in a click.

Pricing Engine
Easily manage thousands of complex trade agreements

One centralized platform, one simple form for all permutations of rebates and pricing.

100% transparency

See the granular detail of the rules and parameters applied to every end price in a click.

Make intricate adjustments in a flash

Make complex adjustments that are automatically applied to every relevant transaction, past or present ¬– all without code.

Margin reporting
Real-time visibility

Have complete visibility over every element of your finances at all times.

Interrogate your margins from every angle

And react to every opportunity for incremental gains.

Run sharable reports at a moment’s notice

Get a point in time snapshot at any given moment – past, present or future.

Omnichannel Pricing
Right price every time

Deliver the right price to the right customer, channel and product, every single time.

100% auditable and reportable

Get a full breakdown of how every price was calculated in a click.

More accuracy, less disputes

Build trust and respect with your clients with instant and accurate prices every time.

Tools that will transform your day-to-day

Comprehensive dashboard

Have real-time visibility across every aspect of your pricing.

Automated payments

Ensure the right price at the right time, every time.

Invoices in-sync

Input data once and let Flintfox automatically apply the logic to every relevant transaction.

Audit compliant history

Get the full back story behind every calculation.

Set security controls

Control who has permission to do what and keep things moving with a more efficient approvals process.

Instant reporting

Draw up on the spot reports updated to the last 24 hours.

Pricing became more reliable, more stable and therefore benefiting any error reduction.
Anna Kupchenko

Director of IT Business Applications for Finance, SiteOne

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