Flintfox for PROCUREMENT teams

Automated, accurate rebates that work like clockwork

Collect and account for revenue quickly and accurately with full details to support every claim.

Rebate management
Automate payments and claims for speed and accuracy

Never overpay or miss out on revenue.

Up-to-date end-to-end visibility

Know exactly where you stand on any claim at any time so you can be proactive, incentivise and capitalise on every opportunity.

Complete visibility into dead net costs

Know exactly what you’re claiming for once all rebates and accruals are applied.

Pricing Engine
Easily manage thousands of complex trade agreements

Get instant and accurate pricing from one centralized platform.

100% transparency

See the full detail of the rules and parameters applied to every end price in a click.

Make intricate adjustments in a flash

No code. No faff. Dive straight into the detail and make the necessary changes.

Margin reporting
Real-time overview

Have complete visibility over where you stand financially in real-time so you can stay on track.

Run sharable reports at a moment’s notice

Get a point in time snapshot at any given moment – past, present or future.

Spot hidden opportunities

Deep dive into the detail and capitalise on every opportunity to drive additional revenue.

Omnichannel Pricing
Reduce claims and credits

Automated technology assigns the right terms to the right customer, channel and product, every single time.

100% auditable and reportable

Get a full breakdown of every calculation in a click.

More accuracy, less disputes

Build trust and respect with your clients with instant and accurate prices every time.

Tools that will transform your day-to-day

Flexible payments

Settle to anyone in your vendor or customer list.

Accurate pricing

Apply the right prices every single time.

Audit compliant history

Get the full back story behind every calculation.

Price at scale

Handle 1,000s of prices and rebates without effort.

Comprehensive dashboard

Have complete visibility across every aspect of your pricing at all times.

No code solution

Cut hours of admin so you can focus on the big picture.

Having an intelligent pricing platform allows us to dynamically change with market conditions to scale across all of our stores across the US and Canada.
John Rockwell

Director of Application Development, SiteOne

Unleash your true potential today

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